JCC(ROK): The Ideological Catalyst of the Cold War :The Korean War, 1950

Saloni Mirchandani, of the Korean Central News Agency, talks about the agenda of the committee.

The agenda of the Joint Crisis Committee revolves around Korea. The Joint Crisis Committee has come together to solve the crisis between North and South Korea. During the Second World War, Korea was awakening as an independent nation. Before the fall of Japan- at the close of the Second World War- Korea was under its imperialism. Many voluntarily recruited Korean soldiers also took part in the great war actively .

When Korea emerged as an independent country, it was ideologically and politically unstable. Korea was was divided into North and South Korea not only geographically but also by communism and capitalism. Capitalist South Korea was headed by Synghman Rhee and was aided by USA. North Korea was headed by Kim Il Sung. The Korean War of 1950 between these two regions was a great part of the early Cold War .It was a proxy war between communist USSR and capitalist USA.

The JCC simulates the Korean War so as to study the conflict and relive the time of mindless bloodbath to reach a conclusion of more peaceful international relations.During the war, a demarcation of the 38th parallel was done- officially dividing the country .The capital of Seoul was in American hands. Many Koreans were migrating to North Korea, attracted by the communist ideology and no preference given to capitalist blocks.

In the endless fight and race of harming eachother ,the peninsula has been described as a God Forsaken peninsula of constant blood bath. The Joint Crisis Committee is successfully going to discuss the conflict and reach a conclusion so that the mistakes made by our ancestors in the recent past do not occur again.

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