SSI: ISIS: A brief overview

Shubhangi Bansal writes on behalf of the New York Times.

Well to begin with, the emergence of ISIS was no surprise. The way they settled their power in Syria and Iraq was no different than how such matters usually progress. The way that the antagonist (the rebellions) attacks the protagonist (the people, the peace of the world) was so implicit. They simply took advantage! They took advantage of the weak. Considering Iraq, they conquered it at times when the Shia-Sunni conflicts made the state unstable. However, this in itself became its weakness. On the other hand considering Syria, the civil war which commenced due to President Assad again created instability in that state. This too led to the expansion of the terrorist organisation from ISI (Islamic State of Iraq) to ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria).

But now what?

As the ISIS has established its deep roots in the states of Syria and Iraq, the main question which arises is that of what follows. What are the motives of this pro-Muslim terrorist group – what do they actually want from the world and from mankind?

The answers to these questions lie in the true objectives of ISIS. This group seeks a Muslim dominated society with its own rules of living. They want the people to learn, act and live according to their way of living- the rigid and the self formed rules and regulations of ISIS. They want a different society in everything is supremely controlled by their actions and opinions.

Coming to the consequences of this massive organisation against humanity, ISIS’s growing power in the Middle-East has transformed Syria into a warzone, where safe living is unimaginable at this point. The highly growing numbers of refugees from the Middle-East has overtaken the total number of refugees elsewhere across the globe. These refugees pose a great potential threat to the respective countries they are travelling to as such countries always have the danger of welcoming an unwanted attack or a terrorist impersonated as a refugee.

Considering the current patterns of crime and terrorism it is completely clear that people are being highly dominated by terrorist organisations.

Hence it is a great dilemma – whether people in the current world scenario are truly protected or not? Whether the world is a place for satisfaction and true representation for every human or just the opposite? There is no end to such hypothetical questions but if we predict the way the terrorists act, and bring a change in their school of thought then positive results are definitely a possibility, as appreciable rhetoric answers to these dilemmas would be.

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