SSI: ISIS- A War To Win

Soumya Sharma of the Syrian Arab News Agency writes about the Special Summit on ISIS, 2017.

The summer of 2014 saw the emergence of what is known today as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: the world’s most dreaded terror organisation. Though established in 1999, it gained full media recognition in 2014 when it established a worldwide caliphate in hopes of achieving full political, religious and military control over Muslims around the world. The international community, posed with a threat, has convened numerous meetings to find a solution for the ongoing crisis; but results are yet to be seen.

The roots of ISIS date back to as early as 2003, when US took control of Iraq in order to set up a fully functioning government. Eventually, this was achieved, but religious tensions among Shias and Sunnis still floated heavily in the air. This led to the establishment of Al Qaeda in Iraq in 2004. The influence of this organisation increased with the withdrawal of US troops from the nation, and after the onset of the civil war in Syria, it spread its branch there. The Al Qaeda continued to grow in power until 2006, when its leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed. The end of Al Qaeda gave birth to the ISIS (then called ISI).

With the help of social media, ISIS grew in power. It bombed places, carried out public executions, tortured and killed religious minorities, held hostages and raped women- capturing all of it online. Contrary to the reality, ISIS showcased glamorous lifestyles of its fighters and called all Muslim men and women to join hands with them. Misled by these images and posts, thousands of youngsters continue to leave their homes to join ISIS.

Currently, the ISIS continues to grow in both power and wealth. It has increased the area and numbers under its control, and its attacks have spread to as far as France, Spain, Greece, Serbia and the UK.

As the ISIS continues to move forward, hopeful eyes are towards the Special Summit on ISIS. The United States is still adamant on removing the Assad Government and its strikes haven’t had much effect. On the other hand, Russia has helped destroy 40% of ISIS areas. We hope that there is less talk and more action by the US as well as other countries. We instil our belief in the committee and hope for a better future- a one without ISIS.

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