JCC(DPRK): The Silver Lining: Yet To Wait?

Aastha Goel of New York Times writes on the perils faced by the Korean Peninsula and invasion threats. 

“God too, has sinned- that’s what I used to think. He looked down on this blazing hell, and he remained silent.” -Hwang Sok-Yong

The darkness has been cast upon the Korean Peninsula  and the aggravation of finding out what would happen to the country remains unanswered. A ray of light could raise hope and vanish the sense of despair which is infinite in the hearts of the Korean natives. The war has left the citizens detached from their beloved, and left them with next to nothing except the will to escape the horrendous tragedy. The atrocities faced by the people scars them and promises to stay with them throughout their life.  Lives have been taken without a second thought. The last resort left is to seek help and flee the country.

In August 1945, two young aides at the State Department divided the Korean peninsula in half along the 38th Parallel. North Korea has now started conquering  almost the whole of South Korea, and continues to slowly create tactics to capture the regions left unfettered in the South. The waging war between the United States of America, which has been providing unfaltering support to South Korea, and the troops of North Korea raises a huge question about the safety of the citizens.  The unwavering effort of the USA to subside the vicious attacks by the North have not yet been successful.

The ‘Stand or Die’ protocol has been strictly ordered by General Douglas McArthur’s subordinate, Commander Walton Walker, which insinuates the seriousness of the situation. More than thousands of lives are at stake and the foremost thing is the country’s freedom which would ruthlessly be taken away without any mercy if the North acquires the Peninsula. The United Nations has also entered the war to re-establish peace in the Korean Peninsula. The armed forces of both the sides stand facing each other, and the victory of either awaits. The destiny of these innocents is still waiting to be unfolded.

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