JCC(ROK): Warped Lenses

Ananya Jain of Komsomolskaya Pravda writes about the troubles in the Korean Peninsula, and what it may -or may not- lead to.

August 1, 1950: As of today, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is in a state of total panic and mayhem. The backdrop, you ask?

The People’s Army of North Korea entered South Korea on June 25, by crossing the 38th parallel, which marks the border of the aforementioned countries. The reason for this was not the desire to ‘impose’ communism on South Korea, as USA likes to put it, due to reasons best known to them. It was an effort to unify the peninsula under a common ideology- communism. Essentially, communism is a system of administering property and natural resources through State ownership for the welfare of each citizen, guaranteeing jobs, education and shelter to all its citizens.

Now that Eastern Europe and China are taking to communism, Harry S. Truman fears Japan will rise to the occasion too; much like a line of dominoes, hindering American trade in the region.

But what acted as the immediate provocation was the fact that on 7th October 1949, Syngman Rhee threatened to invade the North Korean capital of Pyongyang within three days.

Surely, the South Korean side will have a different story to tell. But in a scenario where mass media portrays the South and the forces guiding it as the innocent, it is imperative to recognise that what we know aren’t facts; they are tailored opinions; it is about perspective.

Today isn’t about sieving the black from the white; it’s about fixing the distortions in the lens through which we look at the world, by providing perspective. It is about recognising the situation for what it truly is, and acting accordingly.

For all we know South Korea, backed by the US armada, may very well become a victim of global power play. Gleaning it through the lens of history, surely we can all agree that with the latter involved, nothing is ever black and white. Soon, South Korea may become one of the many battlefields USA uses for its imperialistic machinations.

What we are witnessing today can go down as just another page in history’s long list of skirmishes, or it can escalate into something far mightier and uglier than any of us have anticipated. The wielders of this power are the delegates of the committee. We can only hope that they choose to use their influence wisely, for it is their decisions today that lay the foundations for tomorrow.

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