Mughal Court: The Sight of Reason

The East India Company’s reporter Aryaman Kumar makes notes on the growing closeness between the British East India Company and Emperor Jahangir, as well as the negative influence of the Portuguese. 

‘Perhaps the gravest conundrum that mankind has faced is confusion itself’ – Unknown

These lines contain an ocean of depth and meaning when viewed from the British East India Company’s playing field. The Emperor of Hindustan, the conqueror of worlds; Maharaja Jahangir was greeted by our very own William Hawkings for the modest opening to settle the demand of the opening of a factory in Surat. The Emperor and Mr. Hawkings shared a deep bond and ‘English Khan’ as the Emperor fondly called him was almost able to finalize the factory opening- almost.

Though the East India Company (EIC) is not too dismayed with the situation, the Emperor has had his own problems troubling him; we must be careful of the cunning Portuguese who many years ago ruined Hawkings’ efforts to completely connect to the bharatvasis and continues to do so. It is imperative that the great Emperor Jahangir understands the gravity of the situation as to how the treacherous Portuguese pose a threat to the Emperor’s legacy and the legacy of Hindustan.

The East India Company has a lot to offer, unlike the villainous Portuguese who sink Mughal ships and stand against the interests of the just and fair Emperor. He is compelled to see the fortunes that the British bring with them and thus the British EIC shall be sending a representative in the name of Mr. Thomas Roe, who will be joining us in the Mughal Court shortly. The English shall prove to be able trade partners and much more.

So, in all, 1615, is hoping to shape up to be a great year for the EIC and naturally, the great state that is Hindustan. We are assured of our position in the Emperor’s heart as our integrity and ideals outweigh the evils done by unscrupulous elements plaguing society. Thomas Roe brings with him all the wishes of the East India Company regarding the issue of factories and trade amongst other things. It is a glorious time, indeed.

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