UNGA: Towards a Better Tomorrow

Ritul Madhukar of the New York Times writes about the threat of religion, and its repercussions on tomorrow.   

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has taken upon the job to propagate Islam and spread terror throughout the world for the past decade, and their recent attacks on Paris and Brussels stand as no exceptions. Yet, this committee is about more than one terrorist organization, as the fate of the Middle-East and North African region lies in the General Assembly’s, hopefully, competent hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the year 2017, and the United Nations General Assembly has convened to discuss the Social and Political Conflicts in the Middle- East and North African area.

Religion has been, more often than not, a matter of severe conflict; Indians need only look at their relationship with their neighbour Pakistan, a Muslim dominant country, to verify that. And the three-syllable word has managed to create havoc in one of the most economically vital areas on the world map.

The two-fold issue of the Israel-Palestine and the Iran-Iraq conflict, encrusted with recurring wars, civil wars, refugee crises and economic depression can be traced back to the fall of the Ottoman Empire and through the two World Wars – and the end result, my friends, is not pretty.

The end result is a gigantic region of the world in utter disorder. Homes and families uprooted and destroyed in raging, never ending wars. Refugees with their futile attempts to find shelter in the nearby nation states create a ripple effect- one that disorients the nearby nations as well.

The end result is their economies reaching a new low, which is not something you would want to hear in the region that produces about a third of all the world’s oil.

The end result is absolute chaos where, on one hand, you have ethnic groups such as the Kurds grappling for proper representation and on the other, Sunni Muslims battling towards absolute domination.

The United States has been involved from the very beginning. Whether it be assisting the United Nations with their peace, keeping operations, or having to directly interfere and use might to settle things , our government has never shied away from taking matters into their own hands, and working towards the betterment of the world.

Here’s to hoping the committee works effectively towards the same. and that the people of the Middle-East and North African region see better days- and so do all of us.

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