10 Types of People You’re Likely to Meet at MUNs

Soumya Sharma writes up on the top ten most fascinating people you’ll meet at MUN. 

In Model UN life, you are likely to meet as many types of people as you might meet in your daily life.  From the clingy delegate to the over-enthusiastic first timer, the International Press brings to you a list of top ten people you are likely to meet at MUNs.

1) The Researcher: Microsoft Word documents, files and folders full of draft resolutions and foreign policies. Their extensive research makes everyone in the committee feel like complete idiots.  But when it comes to actually speaking up at the session? Not so confident.

2) Over enthusiastic first timer: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook (with over a hundred people tagged); the first timer may not speak in the entire committee session, but their status updates will make you feel that they might have just found out the way to achieve world peace. ( #MUN #Suit #Delegate)

3) The Creeper: ‘Let’s be fraaands’ are the first words that you hear from them. Instead of making important statements and resolutions you’ll find them befriending the photographer for a free photo session.  You might also find a friend request on Facebook and their phone number written on your hand as soon as the happenings of the first day end.

4) The Diva: She knows everything you don’t, and she’ll make sure that you know that by the end of the three days.

5) Miss/Mr Gucci: These are the ones who’ll be dressed exquisitely from head to toe. Flaunting their Prada bags and Armani suits, they make an impression on the delegates as soon as they enter the committee, only to lose it as soon as they start speaking.

6) The Clingy One: Stalks the Chair, the International Press, fellow delegates and even the Organizing committee- all in hopes for a mutual friend who’ll put in a good word for them. If only they would put this much effort into their research.
7) Sleepy Head: You’ll find them at the back of the committee room spending more time sleeping than participating in sessions. Their main purpose of doing an MUN is to get away from mummy’s kich kich and fulfil a good night’s sleep.

8) The Paper Tiger: These delegates will be dressed from top to bottom to impress and intimidate other delegates.  When they are called to the floor, you would be expecting a roar to echo through the hall but the only thing that comes out of their mouth is, “meow”.

9) The Squad (Or school delegation team): You’ll find them huddled in packs and discussing their committee proceedings in the breaks. They might have been enemies since birth, but when it comes to MUNs they’re willing to help each other. Mess with one of them and you’ll have a pack of wolves to deal with.

10) The Lover: Adding a little romance to the dry MUN affair, the lovers are helpless romantics who believe in love at first sight. They’ll spend their entire time staring at the love of their lives and passing chits with cheesy messages and corny pick up lines. They love to make proposals, but just not the kind the committee needs.

So, which one are you?

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