Mughal Court: Deathly Dilemma

Aryaman Kumar reports the proceeding of the Mughal Court on behalf of the East India Company.

As the determined and energetic councilors were passionately debating and deliberating the internal threats plaguing Jahangir’s Empire, the Master of Spies accompanied by her comrades dragged in a foreign soldier wearing an unidentifiable uniform. Yes indeed, the courtiers had just been handed over the first crisis of the committee.

The councilors had only just begun to let the galvanizing words of some inspiring leaders sink in, when they stumbled upon a crisis situation. The soldier with a foreign uniform, alien to the Mughal Empire, when questioned, replied in a stinging fashion, “ambition motivated me to adorn the walls of our glorious palaces with the skin of your courtiers,” and the warning of ‘a snake in the garden’ was given, just before his death after brutal torture.

This incident invited a whirlwind of replies and I shall delve into specifics. Ali Khan- the Governor was quick to state that the intruder might have originated from Turkey. On the other hand, the Chief Judge or Qazi-ul-Quzat felt that it was too early to decide with certainty about the existence of a mole. Stating that the Mughals did not have anything to fear due to the sheer size of their army, he was swiftly countered by Asaf Khan, the Governor of the Agra garrison, who felt the soldier had arrived from Persia and argued the need to tighten security. Many felt that there was a double play at hand, and the intruder had wanted to be caught to sow seeds of tension and discord among the courtiers.

The representative of the British East India Company, Sir Thomas Roe, has so far not commented on this new development, though he is surely contemplating upon the situation silently and might speak to the Emperor shortly. His demands of trading rights and the opening of a factory have so far not been addressed by Jahangir. The council is mixed in its opinion over this crisis, and no concrete solutions have been uncovered to project anyone’s theory as plausible.

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