Interview: Ananyaa Sivakumar, Director (JCC:ROK)

Silent, but not one to be undermined, Ananyaa Sivakumar takes the committee by storm every time she speaks. (Plus, she’s really sweet). Catching up with the Director of JCC: ROK in a candid conversation, Ananya Jain (yes I know the names are more or less similar, and no, there’s no irony here; you can stop laughing now) reporting for Komsomolskaya Pravda brings to you an insight into the aforementioned committee. Excerpts:

Journalist: What inspired you to take up the Korean War as one of the agendas for Sanskriti MUN this year?

Director: The ‘Forgotten War’ has always been a source of great intrigue for me- from its diminutive intricacies to its huge impact on the world we know today; it will always remain the war that never really ended. This bloody war that raged over 60 years ago was responsible for the deaths of more than 2 million Koreans, solidifying the alliances we know today, and creating the world’s most heavily fortified border.
The fact that it ended in a stalemate, and generated no victor only adds to my desire to see a well-deserved end to this conflict. After all, Model UN is all about simulating a scenario that you feel could have been dealt with better, and reliving the Korean War, while offering your own solutions, provides us with the opportunity of repaving the path to a better future.

Journalist: What is your opinion on the two political ideologies under question here- democracy and communism? Which do you favor and why?

Director: No comment.

Journalist: Do you foresee the use of nuclear weapons by USA in this war? If yes, how does North Korea plan on justifying this action and sustaining the wrath of the international community?

Director: No comment.

Journalist: What characterises a successful committee? Do you believe the committee is on the right path?

Director: A successful committee is characterised by a group of extensively researched, organized and determined individuals, with a collective goal of providing effective solutions to conflicts that have stumped many more experienced personalities. Living, rather than acting the part of your position in committee ensures complete investment in the committee’s agenda, as well as maximum reward. As far as research and involvement goes, I think that this committee is well on its way to paving the right path.

Journalist: Lastly, any words of wisdom for the delegates at SMUN this year?

Director: There is nothing in this world that can give you the same feeling of thrill interspersed with anticipation, with adrenaline rushing through your veins but a worldly sense of peace occupying your mind, quite like MUN. The only advice I can give a delegate is to stress the importance of research, to be able to make the best use of all the tools at your disposal and to never hold back in committee- with MUN it’s an all or none phenomenon. Above all, work hard, play hard and have loads of fun!

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