Interview: Assistant Director (Mughal Court)

Aryaman Kumar, reporter for the East India Company, discusses roles of important councilors in the Mughal Court and the interference of the British. 

Journalist: Hello. What exactly is the role of the Imam in the Mughal Court?

Assistant Director: To put it in simple terms, the Imam is considered to be the religious head of the Court. Firstly, I’d like to mention that our beloved Emperor follows the ideology of ‘religious tolerance’. Having said that, I believe that at no point of time can we act against our Muslim law and customs. That is our identity. As we are seen as religiously tolerant, there are instances where we have been taken advantage of due to this factor. However, we follow a system of balance based on equality.

Journalist: How does Jahangir and his council propose to maintain this ‘balance’ that you mentioned just now?

Assistant Director: Our Emperor has enacted many policies to ensure this balance such as the ‘Chain of Justice’ according to which any individual of any religion who is facing any problem or hurdle can ‘ring the bill’ and directly be heard in the court of law. Just like his father, the previous Emperor Akbar, our current Emperor continues to exempt Sikhs from ‘jizya’ (tax to be paid by non-Muslims). Our fair Emperor has always put this idea into policy and into practice.

Journalist: What are your thoughts on the arrival of our representative, Sir Thomas Roe?

Assistant Director: As Imam, I have repeatedly reiterated that the English along with the other Europeans keep flocking to our Empire as they only want their selfish interests such as trading rights and factory settlements to be entertained. They lure us with state of the art equipment and other favors in return, though I doubt whether they shall remain faithful to us. I have expressed my fears to the Emperor, who I am sure will do what is best for Hindustan and in accordance to Allah as Allah is the greatest and we all live to serve him.

Journalist: Lastly, how do you think the committee is progressing and what are your takes on the proceedings?

Assistant Director: At first, the committee was moving at a slow pace with insignificant results, though soon it pushed its way forward into the high gear and I feel now there are some serious debates going on which will definitely lead to very galvanizing results. The crisis added to the excitement and propelled the delegates to put their best foot forward.

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