Interview: Delegate of Peru (IACHR)

Notimex journalist Aamiya Dhillon rushes towards the delegate of Peru before she disappears into the chaos of an unmoderated caucas. Wading through people rushing towards each other, they manage to hold a short conversation.

Journalist: Good evening, or is it afternoon? (the blistering sun and the clock-less room had created some confusion) How is committee going for you?

Delegate: Well, it started off slowly, mainly because of the vague topic of discussion for the first moderated caucus but now that the topics are more specific, it has become more engaging.

Journalist: The committee is really focusing on legalizing drug trade, this decision has its benefits but it is very risky as well, what is Peru’s stance on this?

Delegate: Well, drugs have been decriminalized in Peru because of which drug intake on a personal level is legal. Of course, overdosing leads to arrests and it is illegal to carry drugs out of the country.

Journalist: The delegate of Belize suggested that illegal immigrants are legalized. What is Peru’s stance on this?

Delegate: *laughs* Well how do you ‘legalize’ illegal immigrants? Anyway, we need to understand why these immigrants choose to go illegally. It is because they don’t have economic opportunities to obtain a visa. Moreover, criminals flee countries by emigrating and legalizing their presence will have implications.

Journalist: The delegate of Mexico said that countries like Peru and Colombia should be targeted because they are amongst the biggest producers of drugs. What is your opinion on this?

Delegate: I don’t know what the delegate meant by ‘targeted’ so I can’t comment on that. The Government of Peru is taking initiative to promote growth of crops other than the illicit ones to reduce production of drugs.

And with that the delegate was swept into the folds of raging delegates.

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