Interview: Delegate of USA (SSI 2017)

The delegate of the United States of America answers burning questions to Soumya Sharma of the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), as its policy for defeating ISIS faces uncertainty. 

Journalist: The United States has always been accused of downplaying the ISIS in the past. Is it your ignorance that has resulted in its expansion?

Delegate: The United States has never down played the ISIS. We have carried air strikes and also provided non-lethal support. Nobody has fueled the growth of ISIS.

Journalist: In your speech, you talked about Syria and its allies who have blind faith in its government. What about your support for Saudi Arabia, where the government has committed various atrocities against its own citizens?

Delegate: We are constantly pressurizing Saudi Arabia to reform its ideology. We cannot change their religion but we do respect human rights. We are also pressurizing them to sign the IPCCR.

Journalist: Are you suggesting that Islam encourages human right violations such as beheadings?

Delegate: No, I am talking about the radicalization of Islam. We cannot change the way people have started to interpret Islam. Jihad has changed the idea of Islam.

Journalist: Does you country have any measures to stop the online spread of radicalism of Islam?

Delegate: Yes. Since America is a cyber superpower, we have been dropping the so-called cyber bombs on them and have also suspended accounts of people trying to spread any such ideas related to terror. Other policies are underway.

Journalist: Military victory over ISIS has been called a wishful thinking. Your opinion?

Delegate: Your agency will obviously think so, but we have made significant progress.

Journalist: What are your hopes from the committee?

Delegate: I hope that we all can find a solution and eradicate ISIS from the face of earth.

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