Interview: Logistical Member (IACHR)

The logistical members of a committee form its backbone and without them, pulling off any MUN would be practically impossible. These members also happen to epitomize ‘taken for granted’. But just because they are  ignored doesn’t mean that they don’t slither in between your tables, reading your chits and judging your outfits. So interviewing a ‘logi’ isn’t exactly a waste of time, and even if it was, judging by the speed with which IACHR functions, I have a lot of it to waste. 

It was the morning of the second day and the oh-so-busy logis stopped to exchange a few words with me.
Aamiya Dhillon, Notimex News Agency

Journalist:  After the two hectic committee sessions, what opinion have you formed of these delegates?

Logi: Well it seems like they keep dozing off, only to wake up and repeat the points already spoken by the delegate before them. They get repetitive.

Journalist: What about the Executive Board?

Logi: Well they are extremely understanding and sympathetic when it comes to us being tired and they take all the criticism in their stride. They are quite likable.

Journalist: What is your opinion on the proceedings of the committee?

Logi: It was a well chosen agenda but the delegates concentrated on one aspect for four hours and reached nowhere.

Journalist: That’s true. Anything else you would like to add?

Logi: Oh yes! They shouldn’t wear heels they can’t walk in, you should see them walk towards the water cooler. Something like this: *trips over legs*

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