Interview: Priyanc Passi & Nischay Malhotra (IACHR)

Nischay Malhotra and Priyanc Passi, directors of the IACHR committee, discuss the work done so far and what they hope to achieve from it in the coming days with Mahira Dasgupta of Al Jazeera. 

Journalist: What do you think of the committee proceedings so far?

Directors: (Nischay) The proceedings started out slow but it has picked up since then.

(Priyanc) It was slow on the first day but it’s much faster now.

Journalist: Is there anything that the delegates have not addressed so far and should?

Directors: (Nischay) They have not addressed a variety of issues, including the LGBTQ+ community and money laundering.

(Priyanc) There are many issues that this committee has failed to address, including the rights of the LGBTQI+ community and the rights of the indigenous people, human trafficking etc. Despite the Chair encouraging these topics they have been failed over and over again by the delegates.

Journalist: How far reaching can the discussions of this committee be?

Director: (Nischay) This committee can have a lot of impact on the Americas and in the lives of the common people. That is why I want the committee to reach concrete solutions.

Journalist: What do you hope to achieve through this conference?

Directors: (Nischay) I want get to know more people and make new friends. I want to hone my passion for MUNing.

(Priyanc) Since this is my first time as part of the Executive Board I hope to learn a lot from this experience.

Journalist: What is your favourite memory from this conference?

Directors: (Nischay) Interesting question. I must say that my favourite memory from this conference is calling my Additional Director ‘beloved’.

(Priyanc) My favourite memory would have to be moderating for the first time.



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