Interview: Vartika Neeraj, Director (FSB)

The Financial Stability Board head, Vartika Neeraj, is a wildly efficient and powerful Director of committee. Siddhidatri Mishra of the Financial Times manages to catch her in-between busy times. 

Journalist: What made you choose the agenda of Shadow Banking for your Committee?

Director: The reason I chose shadow banking as the agenda for our committee is that it has the potential of harming the World’s economy. Currently, it accounts for 30 per cent of the global financial sector and is still growing. It is an issue that needs to be dealt with swiftly.

Journalist: Do you think that, till now, the Committee time has been used wisely?

Director: I think that quite a lot of committee time has been wasted till now. They aren’t really discussing the agenda and are skirting around the topic. There have also been instances when motions have been passed by a majority of the committee but no one volunteered to speak.

Journalist: What type of a relationship do you share with the rest of your Executive Board?

Director: I love working with my Executive Board. They are all great people who work really hard and have never given me reason to complain.

Journalist: What attracted you to debating, in general, and MUNing, in particular?

Director: I like both because they give me a platform to express myself. I feel that MUNing is very beneficial as it lets students, such as me, to come up with real life solutions to global issues.

Journalist: Do you have any tips for your delegates?

Director: I would advise them to start suggesting solutions to help regulate shadow banking. I would also advice them to not debate on minor issues and conduct their research extensively.

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