Interview: Zoya Achanta, Assistant Director (SSI)

Shubhangi Bansal speaks to Zoya Achanta, the assistant director of the Special Summit on ISIS 2017 committee, on the effect of ISIS on the world and feasible solutions to be created. 

Journalist: How has been the committee working till now, and how well the delegates are exaggerating on the given agenda of ISIS?

Ms. Zoya: It’s exceeded my expectations; I did not think that the level of debating would be so high. The best thing is that there is participation from every delegate.

Journalist: With reference to the committee proceedings and opinions from the delegates what is your opinion on the basic agenda of the ISIS. I mean what is it actually that the ISIS wants from the world?

Ms. Zoya: I think what the ISIS finally wants is a state for themselves. They want to declare themselves as a word-wide caliphate with Baghdadi as their head. They want a state within the territories that they already have occupied without any international interference whatsoever.

Journalist: In your opinion, what should be the supposed solution to this rising terrorism in the Middle East?

Ms. Zoya: I think that the other European countries along with the United Kingdom, France Germany and the United States of America should increase their aid towards these suffering in the middle-eastern countries. They should release that whatever that is happening in the Middle East is not only affecting Middle East in particular but is also affecting them as well because the world is like a collective community and we need to collectively think and work for our upcoming future.

Journalist: According to the recent crisis update, what is your comment on the unfair practices of the ISIS in the Calais Jungle Refugee Camp, France?

Ms. Zoya: Nothing the ISIS does is fair; they have committed gross human violation acts. They can be tried by the International Court of Justice for every single crime against humanity that they have committed (crimes like rape, murder, sex-slaves, narcotic trade, human trafficking) all over the world. And obviously killing 172 refugees is not practical in any scenario and should be sincerely condemned by all of us. This is completely unacceptable.

Journalist: What do you expect the committee to discuss upon further? Do you think the committee is going in the correct direction?

Ms.  Zoya: Definitely, definitely. We think that after the informal talk in the morning today the committee will surely proceed in the second session.

Journalist: Describe your experience being the director of the committee Special Summit on ISIS in three to four words.

Ms. Zoya: EXCITING. NEW. SURPRISING! (The way the delegates are expressing them efficiently is really surprising in a good way!)

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