JCC(DPRK): ‘Brotherhood’ Gone Wrong

Kesshni Bhasin of the Chosun Ilbo covers the happenings of the Northern Korean Cabinet.

The morning of 25th June 1950 started like any other, but by the time the sky turned dark, so had the lives of the people of the Republic of Korea. South Korean people were driven out of their homes, and were forced by their own supposed ‘brothers’ to fight for their life each day. A country that once enclosed vast area of over 100,000 sq. kilometers has been reduced to a mere 8,000 sq. kilometers. The troops of the Korean People’s Army are deep within South Korean territory. However, the forces of the United States of America are reportedly approaching the Pusan Perimeter rapidly to aid the South.

To ensure victory despite all obstacles, the North Korean Premier, Kim Il Sung, called upon his thirteen cabinet ministers in the early hours of 1st August 1950. Fulfillment of their vision of a strongly communist world, alongside complete re-unification of both the countries, is the end goal for a successful cabinet. And getting the global community to recognise the government of North Korea, under Sung, as the only legitimate government of the Korean Peninsula, is the icing on the cake that the cabinet is aiming for. Re-unification of the Peninsula, in principle, is not wrong as it seems; in fact, it is ideal. However, what must be realized is that due to this surprise invasion, and the sheer magnitude of the turmoil that the South has undergone in the past one month, a strong anti-communist sentiment is prevalent in the hearts of the South Korean people. If tensions were not at an all-time high before the invasion, they most certainly are now. Any hope for a peaceful re-unification has been lost at the cost of countless lives.

During the course of the conflict in the Pusan region, several strange occurrences took place simultaneously- pamphlets dropped down from the skies instructing the South Korean troops to move towards the coastal region towards an apparent supply ship; a report stating that North Korea is bankrupt was released; an attempt was made at the life of American General MacArthur, shortly after which the North Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs was disgracefully dismissed from the Cabinet; and a Chinese Cabinet was bombed, killing two Vice-Premiers.

Oddly enough, the Chief of Army Staff of the South denied ever issuing any such order to his troops, and the South Koreans were back at their posts almost as soon as they had left. Under such a situation, one cannot help but wonder- where did these pamphlets, in authentic South Korean script, come from?

The answer is almost obvious- the only people who could benefit from South Korean troops leaving their posts unguarded are the North Koreans. Was this an attempt at mass deception that could potentially endanger the lives of thousands of people?

What can only be said under such a dire situation is that both sides of the Peninsula must tread carefully, and that the South and its allies must carry out a large-scale military-based response before communism washes over the whole Peninsula like a tidal wave, leaving millions hopeless.

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