JCC(DPRK): Will Communism Reach New Heights?

Aastha Goel of the New York Times reports on the proceedings of the Joint Crisis Committee, DPRK.

‘To build communism it is necessary, simultaneous with new material foundations, to build the new man and woman.’ -Che Guevara

The Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) aims to unify the Korean Peninsula and establish communism. Like the leaders of the DPRK, the committee believes that unifying the peninsula would take the country on a path of prosperity. They desire to eradicate capitalism from the peninsula. They are assured that the both the countries must unite and share the same languages hereby, leading to no linguistic and social differences between them. The foremost step would be to possess the entire land and act very carefully so as to not jeopardize it.

The Ambassador of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) claimed that the country is fully supporting DPRK by supplying it with weaponry, with the help of which the soldiers have been successful in capturing most of the Republic of Korea (ROK). However, the Director of Intelligence asserted that there are two major problems which restrict the DPRK from achieving unification – the first one being shortage of supply lines and the second one being lack of legislative presence.

To solve the first problem, the committee agreed upon deceiving the United States of America (USA) by stating the ROK’s supply ship had arrived at the bottom of the peninsula on the waters. This would then lead the USA military out of the Pusan Perimeter where they were earlier guarding the arms. The decreased number of military men would provide a useful opportunity for the DPRK to capitalize arms without delay. Considered to be highly effective, the grand plan immensely rose hopes up.

But, the bomb dropped which shattered all tactics previously put forward. The attempt to make DPRK the sole legitimate nation in the Korean Peninsula failed. The intended propaganda failed, making it incredibly distressing for the committee. Still, without any further ado, more schemes were brought into notice upon which arguments effectively took form.  With a solution still left to be found, the ministers must keep their thinking caps on.

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