MUN: Chaotically Beautiful

Aryaman Kumar does a write-up on what he considers to be humorous in his Mughal Court committee and as a journalist-delegate.

Before I commence in my endeavor of attempting to be punny, I sincerely thank Prat Prahi, Bikramjit Sarcar, Avikant Bhan, Srishti Mittal, fellow journalists, my committee Directors and teachers for helping me out, providing insight and making this MUN a memorable and learning experience for me.

As I enter through the main gate with half a mind to retrace my steps and go back home, the guard bhaiya will dutifully stop me and poke me about my uniform even though I have known him for the past two years and he knows I have a MUN to attend. Then, I make my way forward and frantically try to find my beloved head Prat, as I didn’t do my research and quite forgot about the press conference.

As I secretly re-read the background guide while Bikramjit inspires us to do our best, I am again hit by the thought: I am horridly ill-prepared for this. While we move to the Auditorium, a few people who are quite aware of the fact that I am International Press ask me, “Bhai!!!! Tuhai MUN mein? Logi haina?”

Once I get past these guys, I see the photographers better dressed than me and wish once again that I ought to have worn a tie.  After the opening ceremony is over, I get some half-hearted consul from Prat that ‘there is no need to be nervous’, even though I know he is feeling more nervous than me. As I go to the German Lab,  committee is on break and I hear the QUOTE OF THE MILLENIUM by a tenth grader from Sanskriti who looks at Jailekha Zutshi (Sanskriti school Head Girl 2016-17) and tells her, “I’ve seen you somewhere”. Yup. He really did say it. Not lying.

Now, every MUN will have this guy from another school who will be the most intense debater with tons of research and hours of practice backing him up while the Director will be most dissatisfied by that guy’s tenor and queries. Then, there will be this person who will keep on roaming during un-moderated caucuses *cough**cough* and try to look busy even though he has no idea what discussion is going on. Lastly, this one delegate will come along who will never, ever speak for even a single minute and even the Directors will stop paying attention when he does speak and he is soon forgotten.

To sum up, as I sit in my chair and attempt to look intellectual with my pens lined up, notebook open and trying to make my eyes as thoughtful and soulful as possible for the pretty photographer in front of me, I cannot help but feel that MUN is chaotically beautiful and I am in a state of bliss.



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