IACHR: Back to Basics

Aamiya Dhillon of Notimex News Agency talks about how delegates may focus on particular issues so much that they lose track of the others and how USA’s lack of humanitarian effort to refugees is creating an issue. 

Man is broadening his mind and accepting new ideas. Globalization is tearing apart cultural borders and introducing various ideologies. Mankind is reaching out to each other through satellites, and the ‘new’ generations are shouting slogans demanding progressive thinking. Mobility is reaching new heights, and it all feels very new. On the contrary, early human history consisted of all these components of ‘free thinking’. It was only with time that humans drew borders on their maps and in their thoughts.; inserted everything into little boxes labelled ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ and ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’ so that comprehending societal living is an easier task. So, as the 21st century hurtles us into what will hopefully become an egalitarian society, are we undoing the years of evolution of man and taking a full circle? More importantly, without hierarchies and societal norms, will we descend into the chaos that the early man lived in?

Let’s take our political boundaries, for example. Their basic purpose is to ease the process of administration as people who share similar cultures and ideologies are grouped together. This strategy was suitable for times before ours, when it took decades to spread an idea. However, living in the age of acculturation, how can we restrict people to communities and brackets? Is the most fundamental aspect of societal living in cohesion with today’s times? Mobility cannot be stopped, as the human species will not sustain if we divide ourselves and the limited resources available today.

When the first few generations that encroached upon the land of the Native Americans came, they were as ‘illegal’ as the Latin Americans that flee the turmoil in their country. However, the former are considered the legal, or even ‘original,’ inhabitants of the United States of America only a few generations down the line, but the asylum seekers who have a legitimate reason to immigrate to USA aren’t permitted in.

This brings us to the catch ‘that 22 Latin American countries are facing when it comes to determining who is an ‘asylum seeker’ and who is an ‘illegal immigrant.’ To receive a refugee status, the countries these immigrants are fleeing from need to be undergoing an ‘armed conflict,’ which they are- technically. The problem arises when one labels the situation as an ‘armed conflict,’ for this legitimizes the urban gangs/drug lords. This essential tag carries with it the burden of ‘civil war’ which would lead to further deterioration of the situation. This further indicates that our International Humanitarian Law does not accommodate all situations. Without bringing in amendments to our policies it is not possible to distinguish between the citizens of Honduras, who are escaping the country with the highest murder rate, and the citizens of Panama, who just want their children to be born in the US so that they receive American citizenship. Illegal immigrants constitute of people in different walks of life. A poor man who needs to extricate himself from the clutches of poverty, a criminal who needs to emigrate from his country where he’ll be prosecuted or an average citizen whose country’s administration has gone to the dogs. However, all illegal immigrants are bracketed as ‘harmful for the natives’.

On the other hand, it is very necessary for countries to first administrate what is under their jurisdiction. It is not the responsibility of one nation to mop the mess made by another country. If each country individually strives towards perfection, the overall growth rate will be higher and faster. The current system of governance is the result of millenniums of evolution and so it must be right, right?

Nations of this fragmented planet often collaborate with each other; politicians suit up and shake hands; papers are signed and alliances declared. The question that arises is whether or not these concerns are actually genuine. Do we still view each other as a unit, as one community, or do our different nationalities make us apathetic to each other’s misery? Is it time to rethink the way our societies have worked in the recent times, and learn a little from the variation of us that existed all those years ago?

To understand our surroundings, human society has used simplistic measures that have restricted our growth. The LGBTQI+ community is discriminated against because our heteronormative societies segregate them from everyday society. Sexism exists simply because of the convenience of a system where the man works, and the woman takes care of the house.

Every century has its changes; every generation serves its purpose. If mankind wants to live in a truly peaceful society, it will have to grow out of its narrow mindset and embrace change.

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