Interview: Additional Director (JCC:DPRK)

Why is it necessary to reunite Korea? Why is communism essential?  What will the Koreans gain out of? These questions have arisen in our minds way too many times but the answer to these questions was always muddled up. The following interview with the Additional Director of the Joint Crises Committee taken by Aastha Goel solves all of our doubts.

Journalist– Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) wants to establish communism over the Korean Peninsula. Considering that the people of Republic of Korea (ROK) is already satisfied with their current capitalist government, why does DPRK feel it is essential to conquer the Korean Peninsula by killing thousands of people?

Additional Director – How do you know that they are happy with the current government? Have you heard the public’s opinion or you have just heard what the government is propagating?

Journalist– It is known to us that they are retaliating and are fleeing away from the regions which are being attacked by your country. What do you have to say about that?

Additional Director – Well, of course it’s the time of the war and the civilians would want to escape and have every right to do so but that does not mean that they are supporting their capitalist government and are against our attacks.

Journalist– Isn’t it too extreme? Peoples’ lives are worth more than that right?

Additional Director – Life is worth living only if they live according to what they believe in. Our ideology is to spread communism and to reunite our lost country. Our country has been divided by the Americans and the Russians. It won’t be justified if we let them win.

Journalist – What do you have to say about risking your own men in the Korean Peninsula?

Additional Director – Actually, we are not risking our own men. They are fighting to reunite their country and are very much willing to do so. They are extremely eager to reunite with their brothers and the countrymen who were separated from them during the war.

Journalist – Are you not happy living in your nation since you feel the need to unite both the counties?

Additional Director – You do not understand. Korea itself is a nation. It was divided. We are reuniting that one nation which was earlier broken apart. I am in love with that nation not the fragments of it.

Journalist– Do you think that the committee could have been more efficient and productive?

Additional Director – The committee is working well and we are working as hard as we can. The productivity depends on both the external and internal factors.

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