Interview: Aviva Munshi, Member of the Crisis Staff

Interview with the Member of the Crisis Staff (Aviva Munshi)– Saloni Mirchandandani (Korean Central News Agency)

Journalist: In your opinion, is media deception actually an effective method in order to defend oneself from the opposing forces?

Member of Crisis Staff: A war is a physical as well as a mental process of conflict. The Minister of Propaganda and Psychological Warfare of South Korea is very strong in his functioning and ideas. The soldiers fighting on the war front have the mindset of common people. They are physically strong but do not have mental strategies to be victorious. Mental warfare is actually a strong method in which the media can play a significant role. Media deception is pretty powerful and it can make a power win almost half of the war if used effectively.

Journalist: According to you is Capitalism a good enough ideology to govern the citizens of Korea as a whole?

Member of Crisis Staff: I personally prefer Capitalist ideologies and the system of a democratic government. This form of government might not be free of any limitations but it is the best system existing in which people enjoy their own rights and freedoms. In spite of all this, it all depends on the citizens of Korea that which form of government is the best for their state. It should be a majority rule taking into account all the needs of the minority as well.

Journalist: If in any case a dangerous problem of a greater scale breaks out for the Republic Of Korea, will it be worthwhile enough to compromise on the people on the Pusan Peninsula?

Member of Crisis Staff: A war is never free of bloodshed and it does bring about sorrow. In any case of compromising upon the forces in a difficult situation, the only way out should be the compromise on a little population for the betterment of people on a large scale. If any solution can save the maximum lives, it is for the best.

Journalist: What is your opinion on the external entities like USA and UNO helping the ROK?

Member of Crisis Staff: I, being a strong supporter of a democratic government and Capitalism am really satisfied with these external powers helping South Korea. Even as a part of the ROK or not I hold its policies strongly. Opposed to that, North Korea upholds policies like repression and media censorship. Above all, I condemn China for supporting such a wrong stance of DPRK even though it is a major power.

Journalist: Do you think that it is safe enough for South Korea to rely on the information that North Korea is almost on the brink of bankruptcy?

Member of Crisis Staff: This information can be false but because of this the confidence of the members of the ROK cabinet has boosted up. Speeches have also taken up this possible fact and it has helped the passage of directives as well. Even if the North Koreans have tried to mislead the ROK, it has only worked positively and unless this rumour is spilled over the brink, it is safe to rely upon.

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