Interview: Jatin Rawtani, Director General of Conference & Finance

Aryaman Kumar (Mughal Court 1615) manages to catch the elusive Jatin Rawtani to question him about his importance in the MUN and what he does. 

Journalist: What exactly is the role of the Director General of Conference and Finance?

Director: Basically, I work with the Secretary General and my primary aim is to ensure smooth functioning of the entire event. Also, my job is to ensure delegates are comfortable, that there are no venue related issues and committees are fast paced, exciting and fulfilling. I ensure that there is no delay whatsoever and hence take committee rounds.


Journalist: As you are immensely experienced in MUN, it is only fitting to ask you: what tips would you give to first-time delegates?

Director:  Research. The most important aspect of MUN is research. Any first-time delegate with tons of research is sure to make the Directors smile and have a great chance of winning the Best Delegate. Also, being coherent and logical during your speeches is extremely important. Try to be appreciative of other delegates, too.


Journalist: Why do you think students should participate in the MUN, whether in the form of journalists or delegates?

Director: It is all about the exposure. The amount of interaction and participation makes you feel self-assured and gives you an immense amount of confidence. You also get a perspective of a real life crisis situation later in life even if you have a desk job. You become more open- minded, temperamental and sensitive to global issues.


Journalist: Lastly, what makes this edition of Sanskriti MUN so special?

Director: We have the most specialized and exciting committees this year, including Mughal Court of 1615, Special Summit on ISIS and even futuristic committees such as the UN Security Council of 2017. We have the most wonderful Secretariat this year. We have students from various schools and we have some seriously brilliant delegates. All in all, this fifth edition of our Sanskriti Model United Nations is by far the most interesting and engaging.

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