Interview: Prince Khurram (Mughal Court)

Delving into the thought processes of Prince Khurram, who is possibly the next Shahenshah of Hindustan and the up-keeper of the Mughal Dynasty, Ritoma Sen catches the delegate for a candid interview.

Journalist: Prince Khurram, how would you describe yourself? Just another prince or are there some passions that drive you?

Prince: I’m a General, a very stringent one, who believes in no mercy for traitors. We shall not forgive and we shall not forget. This is a very admirable characteristic that I have, and one every other person in the Mughal Court lacks. That is why I believe that I will be able to lead the Empire to the next level.

Journalist: Hindustan is still not consolidated. How do you plan on your consolidation – only war, a mix of war and treaties, marriage?

Prince: We have to understand that many factors come into play here. Hindustan includes the Deccan, it also has Persia and the Uzbeks. My strategy would be an expansionist policy. I also believe that certain treaties and agreements have to hold in order. That is why I feel that we should move towards a more and more aggressive expansion policy with a holistic approach so that we can make the Mughal Empire as big as possible.

Journalist: Marriages have been a royal approach for alliances since a long time. How has your relation with the Rajputs been, given your mother, stepmother and wives have come from many illustrious Rajput kingdoms?

Prince: I feel marriage alliances really help to forge agreements between two parties, and that is why I have passed a message to Emperor Jahangir in my directive, that a certain marriage alliance may or may not take place between the City of Mewar and us.

Journalist: What are some of the things you think your father, Badshah Jahangir loves you for?

Prince: The foremost thing that I think Badshah Jahangir loves in me is that I am ambitious. The other courtiers have no ambition at all. I feel that certain other Mughals, while I do have the utmost respect for them, lack the competency to act in a military zone spontaneously. This is one of the reasons why I feel that I will be the next king. Also, since Prince Khusrau, my brother, has turned rebellious, I am my father’s only option.

Journalist: Prince Khusrau was blinded by your father. How did you react to that?

Prince: Prince Khusrau was blinded mainly because he rebelled against our father, and in doing so, he rebelled against the whole Mughal Empire. If you turn against one, you turn against all. I stand with my Emperor, my lord Jahangir, and I will of course set a precedent to whoever rebels against the Mughal Empire.

Journalist: What do you think of the Europeans coming into India?

Prince: I feel the Europeans have come to India for trade, and that’s why I have given them partial autonomy. The Mughal Empire is stable enough and strong enough. We don’t need external armies or military coming in, but a certain amount of trade will help boost our economy, and will enable us to become more modern and take us to the next level.

Journalist: Lastly, we have a rapid fire session. If you had to, which one of the two would you chose –

Agra or Delhi?

Prince: Agra.

Journalist: Mewar or Kangra?

Prince: Mewar.

Journalist: Thomas Roe or Jerome Xavier?

Prince: None.

Journalist: Red or white?

Prince: Red.

Journalist: Horses or elephants?

Prince: Horses.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was our capsule buried in time with Prince Khurram. For more details, log onto a 400 years hence blog, 1615 in 2016,

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