Interview: Sammad Grover, Director of Technical Operations

Aryaman Kumar interviews the DTO (not ‘tech support’) of the conference, and talks about everything from the perils of the job, to the very importance of it.

Journalist: What exactly does the role of the DTO ensue?

Director: Essentially, it is Parth and I who work behind the scenes. If the event is in April, we start doing our magic from February. Our work includes setting up the technical equipment for each and every committee, designing the logos, formulating placards, banners, and sometimes uploading the background guides. We also create and manage all the social media handles of the SMUN.

Journalist: What challenges did you face during the course of this conference?

Director: Well, I think like every MUN, this time too, the designing was quite hectic and a considerable amount of time also had to be given to fixing glitches in the software. On top of that, we had to buy our domain. Further, as there are a limited number of people attached to technical operations, the workload is immense. Having said that, I do state that it was a lot of fun.

Journalist: Why do you think students should be a part of technical operations?

Director: I am thankful that you asked that question, as it is my belief that debating and arguing is not the only way forward nor is it the only way an individual can mature. Working tirelessly behind the scenes is something that I feel makes an individual a true hero.

Journalist: How do you suggest, students get well versed in the realms of I.T and technical operations?

Director: Technical Operations is a very vast field. First, I’d suggest that students find their own area of interest. They must carve a niche for themselves whether it is audio or visual or designing. On a lighter note, I recommend checking stuff up on YouTube as there is a massive number of videos on the internet related to the tech world.

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