Interview: Trisha Sobti, Director (UNSC)

Bhavya Pandey of the Korean Central News Agency in conversation with Trisha Sobti, an avid reader, a dancer and a swimmer aside from being the President of the United Nations Security Council.

Journalist:  How did you come about to being a Security Council specialist? What about Security Councils appeals to you?

President: For the first intra school MUN at Sanskrit when S. Faraz (Athar) and Madhav (Malhotra), our then Head Boy and Vice Head Boy were the Chairs of the Historical Security Council I was doing, they have impacted the way I feel about SCs and this year I wanted to recreate what they had had. It was about the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and I just really took a liking to it. I think it was due to the frequency of the updates, and the power you wield in the SC, whether a P5 country or not, and the responsibility that comes with it. And it’s not arbitrary, but technical and there are certain guidelines that need to be followed (just as in any crisis committee).

Journalist: How do you think being a delegate and being a secretariat member is different? How do you deal with the responsibility and stress that comes with being a secretariat member, if any?

President: MUN for me has never been stressful, it has always been distressing. Whenever I feel stressed, and I know an MUN is coming up, it changes my entire perspective. I like to know the technical aspects of a committee, and once I do, I feel that I am capable of making a change, which really makes me feel distressed. Also, I feel that definitely, being a delegate is better. As a delegate, although you don’t have the power or authority of a secretariat member, you get to debate, discourse and negotiate and you have insane amounts to learn and give to the committee.

Journalist:  How is it working with Soham (Dalwani) and your Assistant Directors, Uma (Shankar) and Naman (Agarwal)

President: Luckily enough, Soham and I have never fought (surprisingly). We take each others suggestions and our views are more or less in sync. We know that procedure might be my strong point and he can think on his feet for crises, so we work in balance. Naman and Uma have been extremely supportive and have contributed in ample amounts to the committee. I like to feel that I have the best Executive Board members (yeah, me too).

Journalist: Rapid Fire, what are your top 5 MUNing tips?

  • It’s not about winning, it’s about learning.
  • It’s not about dressing up; it’s about making yourself more presentable.
  • Go to have fun and learn.
  • Be open-minded to other people’s suggestions’.
  • Be confident.

Journalist: What is your personal favourite country allotment?

President: I personally really like the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is one of the only countries in the Middle East with no US intervention, only country capable of defeating the US fleet stationed near it, it has immense military strength and the US is even at certain levels, scared of Iran. It’s great how it has emerged as the on of the most domineering countries owing to its rich oil reserves.

Trisha Sobti, a commanding and dynamic debater and moderator, never runs out of words but I did run out of ink, paper and phone battery.

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