JCC:DPRK: Ethical Values on Extinction – Era of War

Aastha Goel of the New York Times writes on how the committee is in full support of communism and questions some of their decisions. 

“The theory of communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.” – Karl Marx


The year 1950, the days when the Cabinet of Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) was undergoing with their  lives filled up of immense distress and anxiety. The time when peace was breached and the common sights for a man residing in the Korean Peninsula was probably the troops carrying guns and marching back and forth on the streets. This being a daily occurrence for the people in these regions surely indicates what a horrifying and traumatizing situation these innocents are living in. The day starts for them with a gunshot and probably ends with someone shouting  out for help, waiting for his guardian angel to save his life from these barbaric wild savages who out there without any care in the world.

The DPRK Cabinet came up with several strategies and plans which all aimed to eliminate the United States of America (USA) from the Republic of Korea (ROK). Establishing communism seems to be the only goal and it doesn’t matter to the DPRK that which path is to be taken to achieve so. They are ready to wage war against the ROK which was supported by the USA. Taking peoples’ lives is itself a heinous crime which must be admonished upon. The value of their lives is degrading hence, the cabinet must remember that the schemes that they execute affect almost everyone present in ROK, both the communists and the anti communists.

The withdrawal of the Chinese resources further heightened the bankruptcy situation for the DPRK. Now, the arms and supplies are only contributed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) made it very strenuous for the cabinet to actually be confident that it would be able to establish communism and defeat the ROK supported by the USA to reunite the Korean Peninsula. There were many spies in the committee who were chucked out for treason. This blatantly proves its inefficiency at being meticulous about  whether the minister themselves are supporting the cabinet or not. The USA has currently destroyed everything including the forty gunboats and has captured all the mines that were placed by the troops of the DPRK around the Pusan Perimeter.

The United Nations (UN) Forces had withdrawn from the war due to civilian massacre which hereby, weakened the USA. However, only twelve percent (UN forces) of the troops had left the premises and upon hearing this the USA started sending more troops so as to win the war with no sweat. This war lead to the most of the civilian population to escape from these regions and flee to the Jeju Island. These people, now detached from their homes have nothing left but to believe that the USA would be able to retaliate against the DPRK and would ensure that they won’t be able to further capture any of the territories in the ROK. The yearning to get back to their homes and to begin leading a normal happy life constantly surrounds their head.

On the other side, the DPRK has started to convince the Koreans through pamphlets and radio shows that ideologies of the DPRK are the only ones which would be actually beneficial for them in the future and help their country to always remain on the path of prosperity. The fact is that communism doesn’t work because people actually like to own stuff. They want their democratic rights which makes them free to elect their own government.  ROK was already practicing capitalism why would it want to go back to communism when the people got so much more rights and freedom to do as they wished earlier. When we are exposed to something which provides us more privileges naturally we tend to loathe anything that restricts them.

The DPRK fervently feels that communism would open new doors for the citizens and that once they actually practice communism they would understand why it is so essential to establish it in ROK. In communism, all the property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.

Now, how does anyone else know what we need? Aren’t we the best judge of ourselves. We have the capability to make our own decisions. We don’t need to be spoon-fed by everyone. What if what the other person or the community thinks must be done is totally what we vehemently oppose? Is our voice not going to be counted? How can you be sure that the set of people who have been chosen for this task actually do have the best interests of the citizens of their nation in mind or are just doing whatever they can for their own benefit?


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