JPC: Transparent or Opaque

Neha Kapoor of The Hindu writes up on the follow-up post-Pathankot attacks and how it is being handled by the committee. Effective? 

On the second of January 2016, terrorists opened fire on Pathankot Air Force Station. A gun battle between security forces and terrorists took place till the fifth of January.

Everyday till the fifth of January, fresh gunshots were heard and soldiers were severely injured.

For the discussion of this very topic, a Joint Parliamentary Committee was set up to:

  • Give justice to the martyrs
  • Actually discuss the main problem that led to this

The first day was actually very slow and no solutions were given which bored the entire Executive Board, especially the International Press. Some of the problems which were raised on the first day were:

  1. Even after the Gurdaspur attack, nothing was taken seriously and then we were back to square one after such a recent attack.

2. The members spoke about the ineffective recruitment and training that takes place in the Indian Intelligence Agencies, especially in the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW).

3. The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) kept alleging the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) regarding only one thing, that is, the news regarding the Pathankot Attacks was already given 48 hours prior to it. The UPA’s hypocritical nature was pretty evident as they kept saying, “We don’t want to play the blame game, it is very immature, we need to come up with substantial answers”, however there they were blaming the Bhartiya Jantya Party (BJP) for each and every thing they had done in the past 2 years of their term.

4. The members were finding a political motive in each and every speech/point of information/point of enquiry. They kept forgetting the main reason as to why they were here.

5. Mr. Gaurav Gogai gave the first valid solution by suggesting routine checks in the Indian Intelligence Agencies.

6. The Prime Minister came up with the idea of an onset of a new network of tracking as the previous one failed miserably. He contributed with a lot more solutions which were appreciated by the committee.

7. The working paper 3.0 was the only working paper which had excellent solutions and heard a lot of table taps. It led to a healthy discussion between the authors and Members. The other two working papers (1.0 and 2.0) also had good points but the authors did receive some negotiations.

8. One very notable point in 3.0 was that the military uniforms should be disposed off properly, as most of the terrorists wear those and come, thus confusing the army personnels.

I, for one, disagree with the comparison of different Intelligence Agencies of the world with that of India’s and I felt that none of the members of the Parliament should have done that. It shows only and only the incompetency of India and its leaders. It shows that we are incapable of coming up with our own original ideas. It also puts India in a weak position.

It is time to actually implement the measures and solutions that were brought up in the committee rather than comparing India with other countries, to bring reforms in the Indian Intelligence Agencies. Division of labour and messed up mandates should be taken into consideration immediately and must be acted upon. This will allow a smooth flow of the working of all these Agencies.

This disorganisation of the Agencies has led to previous attacks and can only be stopped after proper measures are taken.

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